A dragon entangled in a viral icosahedral capsid


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HERE BE DRAGONS is a biology blog run by students from the School of Life Sciences at Independent University, Bangladesh. Advances in the biomedical sciences have significantly improved our quality of life, and will continue to influence our lives. A working understanding of biology will help the general citizen stay updated on important governing principles of modern society, and make informed decisions on health, technology, and policies.

The story of life on earth is complex, extensive, and composed of endlessly intertwining plots and subplots. Our continuous unraveling of this story is exciting in its own right.

The phrase "here be dragons" refers to the medieval practice of labeling uncharted territories on maps with dragons. While dragons are meant to be scary, and warn of potential danger, they are no less than invitations for the truly curious and courageous. Science strikes a similar fear of the unknown into the hearts of many. We invite you to put such thoughts on hold, and explore the world of biology with us.